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Daden - Visualisation

Within Daden's data visualisation system, datascape, you can view map, text and 2D and 3D data in order to gain a better understanding of a particular situation or data set, and to help make better decisions. In a world where data overload is a major issue Daden's data visualisation system can be used to help you make better decisions and gain a better understanding through shared access to integrated data.

We can create versions of Datascape tailored or customised to the needs of individual organisations, both public and private sector. If you have concerns about data security then we can even deploy a version within Open Sim or Second Life which will operate behind your firewall.

Datascape can supports 10 main methods of data visualisation:

  • The Mapscape map table which lets you display most web compatible systems, such as Google Maps and Open StreetMap, zooming down to the same level of detail as on the web, but sharing that view with everyone else in the 'scape. We can even turn custom mapping and schematics into Datascape compatible maps

  • Plotting geocoded information onto the map - typically derived from RSS feeds or databases, and geocoded by place name, lat/long or post/zip code. Each marker can then link back to a further information source on the web or elsewhere, or display integral data about itself, or from an RSS or similar feed, or be used to zoom the display

  • Plotting real-time data on the map such as radar tracked aircraft or ships, or GPS tracked vehicles or people

  • Displaying RSS feeds as text displays. The standard Datascape offers 3 displays, each capable of displaying 7 news items, but more and bigger displays can be provided. Each story can be read by clicking on it, and links can also be followed to the web and imagery. Each screen can also have an index of feeds

  • Displaying static images or powerpoint slides, turning the whole space into a presentation forum

  • Running video - either pre-recorded or streamed in from video cams, CCTV and web cams

  • Plotting 3D points in space, either as representations of objects (eg stars, molecules etc), or as data (eg 3D graphs of stock prices etc), or as 3D connection/mind maps (eg books on Amazon linked by Listmania)

  • 3D globe display with data points plotted as for the 2D maps. The globe even has optional Moon and Mars modes (we call it future proofing!)

  • 3D object displays - whether of vehicles or buildings, or new consumer products

  • Access to the web through Daden's own Navigator Web Browser for Second Life which (with a few limitations) lets you collaboratively surf the web from in-world