Order Grid

What you need

You need a domain name for your grid and probably you also want to have a grid web site, which usually uses the same domain name. For the domain name and web site you should choose a reliable web hosting partner. Dreamland Metaverse does not offer domain names and web hosting.

Your web hosting provider has to allow you to create sub domain names using DNS A Records (URL Redirect is not sufficient). You need to setup subdomains for your OpenSim grid. We will tell you exactly how these subdomains need to be configured (subdomains: assets, inventory, grid, map, avatar, presence, users, groups, login, friends, hg).

Grid Planning

You should create a draft grid map. On that grid map you can define areas for one or more continents and for private islands. Then define the first regions you need, including the main login region and fallback regions (where people arrive when their login region is down).

It is a good idea to plan a welcome center and shops for new residents. Usually the grid center and welcome center should be at the central grid location at the coordinate 10'000, 10'000.

Think about, if groups of regions should belong to a common estate. We provide full estate management functionality, what allows you to manage all your regions efficiently.

Grid Information

The following general information about the grid is needed:

  • Grid name
  • Grid nick name (one short word)
  • URL of Welcome web page (start screen)
  • URL of About web page (optional)
  • URL of Help web page (optional)
  • URL of public user registration web page (optional; we can provide standard public user registration page)
  • URL of password reset web page (optional; we can provide standard password reset page)
  • Welcome message shown during the login process

Grid Features

Decide which money system, voice system and physics engine do you want to use for your grid. Do you want to enable HyperGrid? If yes, will you allow visitors to take virtual objects to other places?

Do you want to define a grid god, who has many powers, like changing land and object ownerships? Should estate managers also get god rights (or just the grid god)?

Will it be a public grid, where everybody can create a user account, or will it be a private grid for a restricted group of users? How will users get registered for your grid and are there preconditions (age restriction, required memberships, employee of a certain company, etc.)?

There are additional restrictions you can define for your grid for incoming and outgoing HyperGrid teleports as well as for creating assets and groups. You can find out more about these features here.

If you run a public grid and if you just need an email verification, you can use the standard public user registration and password reset pages that we provide on our web site. Otherwise you can integrate such functionality on your grid web site.

Grid Marketing

Who will be the residents of your grid and how do you want to attract them (information areas, events, role plays, simulations, etc.)? What marketing campaigns will you need and do you plan?


To be ready to order your grid, define each region that you want from the start (region name, estate owner, estate name, etc.). It is possible to add regions to a common estate, what makes estate management easier.

Then contact us to discuss your plans. Together with you we will plan the next steps to get your grid up and running. Finally place the orders for the central OpenSim grid services as well as for all your OpenSim regions.


Please click the following button to create a PayPal subscription for your central OpenSim grid services.


If at the beginning OpenSim regions for less than US$ 90 per month are ordered, an additional setup fee of US$ 90 for the central OpenSim grid services has to be payed. The minimum renting period for the central OpenSim grid services is 3 months.

The OpenSim regions you order will be payed as part of the normal ordering process for OpenSim regions.