Estate Management & Scripting Extensions

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By Snoopy Pfeffer - Posted on 31 December 2013

Estate Management

Dreamland Metaverse has implemented full estate management functionality.

For example changes for estates can be applied just for the current estate or for all estates owned by the same estate owner. Standard OpenSim does not provide this functionality that very much simplifies managing many OpenSim regions.

Setting access permissions and banning users works, kicking users at region and estate level, as well as sending region and estate messages (blue box messages).

Scripting Extensions

We have also added the following functions that allow

  • void osEstateNotice(string msg)
    Thread level required: VeryLow; estate owner and managers only.
    Send a blue box notice to all users currently on the estate.
  • void osRegionSay(string regionName, int channelID, string text)
    Thread level: High; all users; channel 0 not allowed.
    Send a region message on the given non zero channel to the region given by name.
  • LSL_List osGetEstateRegions()
    Thread level: VeryLow; all users.
    Gets a list of the names of all regions of the current estate.

With these functions it is possible to implement tools that work across region boundaries within the same grid.

Additionally it is possible to request the User Level of users using llRequestAgentData with the value 9 (DATA_USERLEVEL). This way scripts can function differently based on the User Level of a user.

If you have questions using estate management or these scripting extensions, please contact us.